Posted by: viewfromacouch | April 25, 2010

A minor announcement on some upcoming features.

A couple things to look forward to for anyone who cares to read this blog:

I would have liked to write about what’s happened in the Canucks-Kings series since my last Canuck-related entry, but I’ve come down with the flu and spent most of Saturday in bed, sick as a dog. With Game 6 going later tonight, it’s a bit late to write about the past two contests, so expect an entry on the series so far shortly after tonight’s game. With any luck, it will be a post-mortem on the series, but I probably just jinxed that. Knock on wood. With that out of the way, here’s the real meat of this update:

I want to force myself to write about a movie I love twice a week for the next 10 weeks. To do that, I’m going to be listing my picks for the Top 20 films of the past decade, from 2000 to 2009, unveiling two new selections each week until we get to #1. Each choice will be accompanied by a short essay justifying its inclusion, and I’m really stressing the ‘short’ part this time. Like El Duderino, I’m not into that whole brevity thing. Case in point: that this is a Top 20 list and not a Top 10 — I just couldn’t stand to omit so many films that I want to write about. Nearly every entry I’ve written for this blog so far has been a veritable wall of text. That’s something I’m going to need to curb to write for print, and a pointed film critique is the exact type of writing I’d like to be doing. Obviously some movies are going to inspire more words from me than others (especially as we get deeper into the Top 10), and I can already tell you that the first entry in this series is longer than I would like. Bear with me, please. I’m trying to be more concise, but it’s not a change I can make overnight.

I don’t expect anyone to want to read this or to really care, especially now that I’m about four months too late to be writing year-end lists. This is more of a writing exercise and a challenge for myself than anything. If I can shine a light on a film you haven’t heard of, awesome. If someone wants to strongly disagree with a selection, or to champion a flick I’ve carelessly overlooked, even better. But really, I’m doing this for me.

Additionally, I hope to launch a new weekly feature later this week — a Summer Movie Series breaking down one of the past weekend’s big blockbusters. I’ve got some catching up to do, starting with Kick-Ass and continuing with The Losers shortly afterwards. Since Cineplex has brought back Cheapo Tuesdays, I’ll probably be seeing more movies this summer than I initially thought I could afford, seeing as Tuesday tickets only cost $5.25 now. I won’t, however, be going out of my way to see something I have no interest in just so I have a movie to write about that week. With May quickly upon us, there should be something good just about every week, but in weeks where there isn’t, I might do a write-up of a classic popcorn flick instead. I’m not sure yet.

The current plan is to put up a new Top 20 entry every Monday and Friday, with a new Summer Movie review going up on Wednesdays, and all sorts of other (mostly hockey-related) stuff in between. I might not be able to stick to that schedule every week, but dammit, I’m going to try. I’m also working on a custom banner for the top of the page, and that should hopefully be done within the week. We shall see.

So that’s what I’ve got coming down the pike. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.


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