Posted by: viewfromacouch | October 6, 2010

The rain came down and washed my life away.

Quick life/blog update, as I haven’t been writing so much lately.

First order of business: My basement flooded last weekend. Again. I’m trying not let it disrupt my life too much, but it’s kind of difficult when almost all of my belongings are packed up in storage for at least two months and I’m sleeping on the floor in my brother’s empty room, making the best of a mattress that’s too short for my tall frame. That was a run-on sentence. But life goes on.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. The last time was on New Year’s Day 2007, and I had to live alone in a motel for three and a half months afterward. That was extraordinarily disruptive, as I lost just about everything but my Wii, including textbooks for my year-long classes which I couldn’t re-buy. I was at UBC at the time, and while I’ve since become a university drop-out, I think my semester of motel-living is a big reason why I never finished. I mean, I don’t want to use it as an excuse. If I wanted to finish, I would have finished. But without regular computer/printer access and those ever-important textbooks, that semester became a big time write-off. And my interest in being a university student waned substantially as a result.

Having just started my journalism program at BCIT, I’m determined not to make the same mistakes twice. Losing the internet last week already shanked my efforts at organizing a class hockey pool, but I refuse to let the flood mess up anything else. As tough as life got living at the Comfort Inn, I also surrendered to it. I could have persevered, I could have soldiered through it, but I willingly collapsed under the weight of it all. Not this time. This time I’m a fighter.

Right now I’m typing this in the computer lab in the Broadcast building at BCIT. I’ve had no real school work to do today, but I’m avoiding going home, because the whole house stinks like a moldy sandwich at the moment. The lingering effects of dirty water and wet carpet will do that. It will be December by the time I get my room back, and as much as I’ll be pre-occupied with schoolwork in the meantime, I really want to re-commit myself to this blog. The frequency of entries has really fallen off a cliff since I moved to Kelowna, as I was busy with work and didn’t have internet access for the first month or so that I was there.

Since I’ve been back, I just… I don’t know. I want to use school busy-ness as an excuse, but the truth is I could easily have sat down and cranked out entries on this thing, I just couldn’t be bothered. In light of recent events, I’ve run low on things to do with my disposable time and should be posting entries much more frequently. Good thing, too, as hockey season is just about to start.

I just posted a review of Easy A, which would have been up more than a week and a half ago if not for flood-related delays. I’ve got quite a bit to write about in the coming months as well: I’ve pledged to finish my Top 20 Films of the Decade list by the time my room is rebuilt (remember when that was a thing?), I’ve got some concert reviews in the pipeline (Arcade Fire, most notably), an entry on Vancouver’s ComedyFest which wrapped up last weekend, and a whole mess of movie reviews (The Social Network, Piranha 3D, Machete, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and more). I’m also heading to New York City in just over a month, and hope to come back with plenty of material from that trip.

To top it off, now that I’ve got unlimited studio time thanks to school, I’m wrestling with the idea of doing a few audio entries in the coming months. Those might be radio-style movie reviews, or just rants on whatever’s on my mind. I do promise however to post at least one song recording in the next few weeks, as I know all three of my regular readers are just dying to hear me sing. I’d like to promise a regular “Under Covers” music feature, but that might be too ambitious. Just know that I’ll do it as often as I can get a guitarist in the studio with me.

So, sorry to neglect my loyal readership. It’s not that I don’t think of you guys, I’ve just been busy. Bear with me.

This phoenix will rise again. I promise.


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