Posted by: viewfromacouch | November 1, 2010

Why Justin’s Late: A Surreal Account of Potentially True Events

For the past week I’ve been trying to debut a new feature on the blog called I Made This!, highlighting some original audio content I’ve been compiling through school. I will no doubt regret sharing these things at some point in the future, but WordPress is denying me the ability to embarrass myself. Apparently I need to buy a $20 space upgrade to upload MP3s, but as a frugal downright broke student, I currently refuse to do that.

I’m pretty sure I get some free webspace through my provider (Telus) and will see if I can upload some material through that avenue. In the meantime, here’s a little Silent Film project my group put together for our Visualization Fundamentals class. Having developed a bit of a reputation as The Guy Who’s Late (by no more than a minute or two, usually), I decided to poke a little fun at myself. Actually, that’s not true. This isn’t a joke. All of this stuff happens to me every day.

For reference: Our original concept was completely different from the final product, but due to circumstance (losing a day of shooting because the equipment managers left early; the heaviest rain of the year), we had to condense our shoot and scrap all outdoor scenes. Considering we were basically making it up on the fly, I think the final product is surprisingly coherent and (maybe) funny.

Hopefully you enjoyed it.



  1. Oh hai doggy!

    Oh Hai Rocky Thompson!

    You’re my favourite hockey player!

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