Posted by: viewfromacouch | January 25, 2011

I MADE THIS: The Science of Sound.

A little something for the blog today just to keep the streak of fresh content alive. I made some steep promises over the Christmas break, and failed to come even remotely close to matching them, but that was of course before I drank my immune system into oblivion and became deathly ill. I regret nothing.

A n y w a y . . .

Here now, for your listening pleasure, are a pair of audio projects I put together for my Radio Documentary class. The assignment was to use only ambient audio (no voices) to establish a distinct action/location in 30 seconds. I decided to do this by taking my dog for a walk.

Scene Setter Dog Walk by viewfromacouch

The second assignment, the “Soundscape”, was similar. This time I could use voices, and was encouraged to tell a story. Many of the examples we were given for this were obviously staged and sounded quite contrived as a result. I took a Zoom H4 recorder to my band’s (yes, I am once again in a band!) jam session on Sunday afternoon to see what kind of noise I could capture. The “song” featured prominently in the latter half of this piece is called ‘Sunday Hangover’ and was being written spontaneously as I recorded.

Soundscape: Band Practice by viewfromacouch

And yes, that is me singing. Enjoy!


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