Posted by: viewfromacouch | February 7, 2011

I MADE THIS: Sportsnet Highlight Read.

Saturday, February 5th was Sportsnet Day at BCIT, and I was lucky enough to get to call highlights in front of S-PAC’s Don Taylor and Craig MacEwen. I should let it be known right off the bat that this was my first highlight read ever, and that I made substantial changes to the script going in. The game in question is last Wednesday’s tilt against the Nashville Predators — which, oddly enough, is a game that I attended. Here, take a look:

Taylor called my read “outstanding” and at the end of the day said I gave the best performance of anyone who went. This means so much to me, as if I hadn’t grown up watching Donny on Sports Page, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today, doing what I’m doing. There are one or two awkward moments in my cast (“…there it is.”), but that’s mostly the fault of an under-written script. I had to say something and it’s better that than seven seconds of silence.

The hardest part of the read (and the most impressive feat in my cast, IMO) was setting up the sound-up for Shorty’s call on the Lee Sweatt goal. Craig said that if this were for real (ie. if we were Don), we would have an ear-piece in with a producer counting down from five to when that clip would begin. We had no such luxury, and had to play it by ear. The fact that I re-wrote the entire intro to that clip and nailed the timing perfectly is…awesome, if I don’t say so myself.

There was more content that came out of Sportsnet Day that I will be hard at work on over the next few days. I have to get clearance to run these stories from some higher-ups in the local sports scene though, so hopefully everything comes through and I can break my first exclusive. As always, I’ll keep you posted. For the record: I have never felt more legit in my life.



  1. Hey, not a bad read! The Canucks make it easy to read highlights too.

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