Posted by: viewfromacouch | February 15, 2011


September 28th, 2010
Pacific Coliseum

Inspired by their unexpected and awesome victory at Sunday’s Grammy Awards (and the hilarious backlash it created), I’ve finally gotten around to sharing the photos I took from the floor of The Arcade Fire’s September 28th show at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum. It seems inconceivably to me that this concert was nearly half a year ago already. Everything about it is so clear in my mind, it could have been last night. But here we are in February, sifting through old photos.

Win Butler & co. held me entranced for two straight hours that night — and I wasn’t the only one. One of the most remarkable things was looking around the arena in the middle of any given song, and seeing thousands upon thousands of people glued in place, as if under a spell. I’ve been to a number of special shows in my time, and while I can’t say with any certainty that this was “the best”, it was certainly something I’ve never experienced before. An entire stadium of people swaying in serene silence — not complacent, or bored, but content to soak up every last drop of a magical performance.

A piece of my soul is still standing on the floor, staring at Win and the lights. A part of me will stay stuck there forever. Stand with me, won’t you?

– wherein I experiment with my camera before the main event. –

The first of many experiments with the Fireworks shutter speed.


And that’s that. The photos look super grainy when compressed, but if you click for the full size most of them look a lot better. Of the two cameras at my disposal, I used the one that’s pretty crap — mostly because my dad is terrified to let anyone so much as touch his D-SLR. Considering my relative inexperience with the camera and its settings, I’m pretty satisfied with what I was able to come away with. Calexico made for an ideal testing ground to see just how far I could push it, so I should thank them for that. Their music was pretty good, too.

Again, I can not stress enough just how special a show this was, or how deeply it’s etched in my memory. A stunning number of Americans may have never heard of them before, but The Arcade Fire are the best show going at the moment, and The Suburbs was easily the best album of 2010. Bless the Grammys for finally getting it right.


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