Oh, hello. I wasn’t expecting company, but I’m glad you let yourself in.

My name is Justin, and this is View From A Couch. I’m a 23-year-old Journalism student from North Vancouver, and this is my creative outlet. I need to get myself back into the practice of writing on a regular basis, and while that might make this blog a bit of a dump-truck at times, I’ll try to keep it interesting and (hopefully) funny. I love to go the movies and I’m loathe to miss a Canucks game, so a lot of my writing will be stuff like film essays, hockey ramblings, album and concert reviews, (comic) book reports, views on video games, and yes, even a little life venting. Hockey-wise, it will be a lot of Canuck-centric content but I’ll try to touch on league-wide stories and issues as often as I can. All I ask is that if you read something and enjoy it, leave a comment!

Anyway, I leave a key under the mat out front, so come back whenever you like. Plenty of room on the couch.


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