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Streeters: Metering The Internet

Earlier this week, the CRTC made a rather unpopular decision to let Canada’s telecom giants put an even bigger squeeze on your wallet than they already do. Bell, Shaw and the like will now be able to meter your internet usage, and ding you should you go over your bandwidth cap in any given month.

With that in mind, I took to the streets to find out what Vancouverites thought of the decision. Unsurprisingly, the response was largely negative.

Well, one lady liked the idea. Then again, she was hoping it would stop the robot computers. Doesn’t she know? You can not stop them. You can only hope to contain them.

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I MADE THIS: The Science of Sound.

A little something for the blog today just to keep the streak of fresh content alive. I made some steep promises over the Christmas break, and failed to come even remotely close to matching them, but that was of course before I drank my immune system into oblivion and became deathly ill. I regret nothing.

A n y w a y . . .

Here now, for your listening pleasure, are a pair of audio projects I put together for my Radio Documentary class. Read More…

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THE GREEN HORNET: Balls-deep in shit-kicking dudes.

It would seem that the general movie-going public is starting to suffer from something I’ve coined Acute Seth Rogen Fatigue Syndrome. Whether they’re tired of watching him play basic variations of the same character, or they’re just sick of his goofy laugh, the Point Grey Secondary grad seems to be wearing out his welcome with an increasingly vocal portion of movie-lovers. And so it was that the Vancouver export’s latest offering, The Green Hornet, took a beating from critics. Just don’t count me among the critical concensus.

Now, Hornet is by no means a perfect movie. The plot is admittedly something of a mess, and the 3D adds little to the experience other than an extra $4 to the ticket price. I find myself willing to forgive these flaws, because plot be damned, this movie is a ton of fun. Read More…

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oh hai 2011

i’m in you

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#11: THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. Go, Mordecai!

11) The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
Directed by Wes Anderson
Written by Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson
Starring: Gene Hackman, Anjelica Huston, Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Owen Wilson & Bill Murray


Don’t even say it.

Look, I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Good golly, it’s been a while since a Top 20 Movies post…” “Of course this made your list, Justin. You would like Wes Anderson, wouldn’t you?” And maybe you’re right — liking Anderson’s films has become something of a film-fan cliché. Nowadays I find it near impossible to mention Anderson without someone bringing up Stuff White People Like, though maybe I just talk about Wes Anderson with the wrong people. Read More…

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THE HAPPENING: Tweet that shit.

School’s done for the semester, and instead of seasonal employment or a Christmas internship, I will be working tirelessly on this blog to both complete my NYC travelogue and finish my Top 20 Films of the Decade list before this year is over. That means I have 21 days to write 11 essays — it will come down to the wire, but I believe I can do this.

Ominous clouds are ominous.

In the meantime, I got my winter break off to a rollicking start yesterday by downing a bottle of bubbly and proceeding to stream M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening on Netflix, while somewhat drunkenly live-tweeting the whole ordeal. The Happening, as it turns out, is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, but my god did I have a good time watching it. Here now are those tweets compiled for your viewing pleasure: Read More…

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The New York Travelog, Vol. 1: In Transit

I’m not sure how interesting this will be, but I recently spent Remembrance Day Weekend tearing up the streets of New York City. In my travels, I brought along a pocket pad of paper and a pen, furiously scribbling trip notes so as not to forget the details. This first entry will be the easiest to write, as it’s basically already written: I just have to transcribe my writings from the plane ride. Further entries will rely on my ability to make sense of those notepad scribblings, but I think I’m up to the task. [NOTE: This entry will be skimpy on the photo side, for hopefully obvious reasons.]

Graffiti across the street from "my" apartment in the Lower Eastside.

I’m preparing to head to the city that never sleeps, and I’m already tired. Read More…

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Why Justin’s Late: A Surreal Account of Potentially True Events

For the past week I’ve been trying to debut a new feature on the blog called I Made This!, highlighting some original audio content I’ve been compiling through school. I will no doubt regret sharing these things at some point in the future, but WordPress is denying me the ability to embarrass myself. Apparently I need to buy a $20 space upgrade to upload MP3s, but as a frugal downright broke student, I currently refuse to do that.

I’m pretty sure I get some free webspace through my provider (Telus) and will see if I can upload some material through that avenue. In the meantime, here’s a little Silent Film project my group put together for our Visualization Fundamentals class. Having developed a bit of a reputation as The Guy Who’s Late (by no more than a minute or two, usually), I decided to poke a little fun at myself. Actually, that’s not true. This isn’t a joke. All of this stuff happens to me every day.

Read More…

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writing just to write something

Short entry today. I should do this more often.

Well, so much for reviewing all 82 games this season. I knew I might miss a few eventually, but I wasn’t expecting it to fall off a cliff immediately. The past three weeks have been insanely busy in terms of projects. This is partially me taking on way more responsibility in group projects than I need to, but I’m not complaining — I do enjoy it. It just means I barely have enough time to watch the games, let alone write about them afterward.

This past weekend was one of the best of my life, and I’ve got a lot to write about it in the coming week. As a self-congratulating reward for surviving the past few weeks, I caught the Canucks game on Friday at Rogers Arena before heading down to Seattle for the weekend for a Rainn Wilson-hosted benefit concert and the Seahawks/Cardinals game.

The good news is the madness of the past few weeks has given me a LOT of material, some of which I’ll be posting on the blog when I get home later this evening.

In the meantime, here’s a YouTube vid that I can’t get enough of:

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BEST WORST MOVIE: One night in Nilbog.

Maybe you’ve heard of Troll 2. Then again, maybe you haven’t. Troll 2 was released in 1990 and is widely regarded as the worst movie ever made. It’s the only film with a 0% fresh rating on How bad is it? For starters, nothing about the film makes sense, least of all its title. It’s completely unrelated to Troll. It’s not even about trolls! It is a terrible, terrible film, but it’s a special one as well.

Few films can fail so spectacularly on every level and still be so compulsively watchable. There’s no telling where the film will go, as everything about Troll 2 defies logic and explanation. To say the film is confounding is putting it lightly. But people love Troll 2 — partially because it’s terrible, but mainly because it’s totally hilarious. Read More…

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